Aguaceros Bar and Grill

Bar grill with mexican specialities, pasta, fajitas,salads, fishes and shrimps with a ocean view. Nice place to enjoy with Friends and family.

Al porto

The Restaurant Al Porto offers you delicious Spanish paella, Italian homemade pizza and a big variety of Caribbean seafood specialties. You can enjoy freshly prepared dishes, comfortable outdoor seating in gazebos in front of the ocean, great service and breathtaking panoramic views.

The restaurant has several areas for events, here you can celebrate your birthday, anniversary or the wedding of your dreams! We would be happy to prepare a menu according to your preferences. Share happy moments in this little paradise with your family and friends!

Tel: (809) 571 3285 / (809) 571 2575

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Big Lee's

Located in the boulevard of puerto plata, a nice place for everybody in wich beside drinking a cold beer you can eat too and enjoy your time in front of the beach with classic music from 70, 80 & 90.

Fish, french fries, hamburguer, sandwichs.


The new owners, the chef Andrea and his wife Nara, are from Italy and their menu strongly reflects the Mediterranean influence.

Tel: 1-829-865 6444


Tipic Italian restaurant in Sosúa. The atmosphere make you feel that you are in Italy even though you are in the caribbean. You can enjoy pasta dishes, pizzas and salads in an air- conditioned or on the terrace, whatever you want.

The extensive wine list offers a large number of wines with more details.

Tel: 809-571 1454

Café Museo

Welcome to the home of General Gregorio Luperón, here you can appreciate what was his house and visit the museum to learn more about its history.

Tel: 809-223-3425

Café Tropical

Cafe Tropical is great for daily lunch take out. You can take it home or eat it their in their air-conditioned, clean place. They have many choices of food , not only meats but fish and salads.

Cariátides bamboo restaurant

International restaurant with Italian plates specialties. An extensive selection of wines. and an outdoor terrace.

Delivery service available. Tel: (809) 320-1410

Casa Mia Restaurant

Located on the oceanfront boulevard (Malecón), a restaurant with a home style and original cuisine of the Mediterranean part of Italy.

Deli Rose

A place to have a coffee in peace or share with your friends a moment in the day.

Puerto Plata Delicias

General information

We assure you that you will live an unmatched taste adventure in Puerto Plata, because they also find themselves dishes that this province has created as part of the culinary ingenuity of its habitants, and waiting to be discovered by you.

Then we'll show you some of these specialties:

The Geo cheese

This is the famous cheese and tasty, and the first Dutch type manufactured in the country. It is produced in the town of Imbert since 1929 when George Nicholas Heinsen a German citizen, founded the factory, since delivering a product of high quality which is exported large quantities to other countries.

The bonbon of melao is one of the traditional sweets of Puerto Plata which has more than one still manufacturing, cottage industry which is located in Imbert. It is a chocolate made from the juice of cane, which then become a crystalline molasses is mixed with a dough of flour, water and yeast. The tradition in the area is to accompany cheese and a glass of red or yogurt drink. There are customers who buy these sweets to take to other parts of the country and abroad.

Chula mía

This is a snack prepared with mashed cassava as the main ingredient, which is filled with ground beef and fry. It is a delight to be found in the cool cafe mine, located in the city, which is named after the nickname of the man who undertook this business with the preparation and sale of this appetizer.

Quipes Bojos

If there is a snack in Puerto Plata it acquired identity that is the quipe adopting a unique taste and smell that allowed him to conquer an important place in the gastronomy of the city. We invite you to the pleasure of tasting this delicacy that makes Mr. junior bojos for 30 years as an inheritance from his maternal grandparents were of Arab origin, which has added his personal touch by filling beef brisket or grant of chicken.

Doña Julia Cookies

They are Buttered biscuits cookies ideal for eating alone with tea, coffee or ice cream. It is a gastronomic experience that only you will be able to find here and you can’t miss it.

El Agave

A cozy and natural unforgettable experience. It have a saloon wit a capacity up to 30 people, is an ideal place for family reunion. Also it have a garden aire to enjoy outdoors, a perfect place to enjoy a delicious margarita with friends after work.

Tel: (809) 571-0772

El Arepazo Venezolano

Venezolan food restaurant, it's a nice place to be between family and enjoy with friends.

Te: (809) 320-0986

El Manguito

Restaurant specialized in seafood, lobster, soup, shrimp, lamb, steaks, etc. very good food at a reasonable price.

Tel: +1 809-320-1025

Eze Bar

It is a bar - restaurant behind Plaza Carib Wind Cabarete varies between day and night and a happy hour daily from 5: 00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Tel: 809 571 0586

Dominican cuisine

The typical dominican food is rich in flavor. The traditional dish is known as "flag" consisting of rice, beans (white, red or black), meat, salad and ripe banana and plantains. Fresh ingredients detonate in flavor when you add a sauce (mixture of herbs and spices) are the pillars of Dominican cuisine, granting our African heritage.

The Dominican sancocho is a gastronomic derivative of the Spanish cocido, but the ingredients are cassava, potatoes, yams, taro, banana, cilantro, make a dish like no other. We recommend trying the seven meats sancocho prieto, you will not regret!.

The plantain mofongo, such as cassava, and renowned soup "revive muertos" can be savored in one of the typical along the Amber Coast restaurants, and are a true representation of the local cuisine.

The yaniqueque (aka Johnny Cake) and mangú are our gastronomic heritage of immigrants cocolos of the Windward and Leeward. Rejuvenate after a hectic day at the beach tasting a rich yaniqueque in one of the places on the beaches. The hotels include the mangú, mashed bananas smooth texture fact, as an important member of the Creole breakfast.

Cassava and catibia are Taíno foods we are still part of daily diet. Excellent alternative for those looking to stay in shape; cassava bread has a high content of vegetable fiber and less than 0.35 of fat per serving. Many typical restaurants and hotels offer a substitute for bread.

The ladies of the Court residents on the island at the time of the conquest of the ingredients for a paella, adapted to existing condiments on the island. The annatto for saffron; and giving free rein to the imagination create this fascinating recipe known as Dominican locrio.

Valentino ice cream Puerto Plata

Spanish gelato made by the hands of Mr. Valentino Luiggy which started production and sale in Dominican Republic.

Jamvi's Restaurante

Open restaurant on the boardwalk of Puerto Plata. Nice atmosphere for the family. It has games for children on the side and the back, so you can eat, chat and watch the children play.

Tel: 809-320-7265

Kahuna Restaurant & Bar

Kahuna Restaurant and Bar is Cabarete Beaches first and only sports bar!  It is fully equipped with 5 - 42 inch flat screen TV's, a pool table, dart board and great food and drinks! 

Stop by anytime to have some great food off of the fantastic menu.  They have it all... from wings to buffalo shrimp, pasta to Filet Mignon. 

They also have daily events, beer pong and fantastic staff to keep you entertained.  Kahuna bar is one of a kind.


Tel: (809) 571-0064

kilometer Zero

It is a very friendly and relaxed restaurant where you can enjoy delicious. The restaurant is equipped with a classic atmosphere with a tasteful decor, ideal to enjoy a good meal.

La Leña

It is a family-friendly restaurant where you can go with your children and leave them in the Playground at the back and you can share with your friends and family.

Tel: 809 970 1013

Butterfly Ice cream

In front of Plaza Independencia (central park) it is located butterfly, a good place to take a break. Austrian pastries, ice cream, coffee, sandwiches and burgers.

Tel: (809) 970 1885

The Ponderosa Restaurant Mar

All his seafood have exquisite taste, you cannot leave without visiting the ponderosa go with your friends and family.

La Skina

“Skina” Bar & Restaurant is an emblematic restaurant that has been offering Dominican cuisine for more than 10 years. Skina emphasizes each traditional dish with a beautiful presentation and exquisite flavors. The rustic elements, good music and enjoyable atmosphere of a small forest in the center of the city offer their visitors a cozy environment. Skina combines an unpretentious atmosphere with elegant cuisine that always seeks to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Twice a month they offer Jazz concerts.

Phones: 809-979-1950 / 809-586-6709

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Tarappa Restaurant Pizzeria

Italian restaurant in Puerto Plata that have a spacious kitchen with a view of the customer visualize hygiene that they have with their products and services.

You can also see where they prepare the pizzas.

La Tasca Los Dos

It is a bistro restaurant small but cozy romantic hidden Austrian special offers, International Cuisine and sea fruits.

Las palmas restaurant

Is an elegant restaurant surrounded by a beautiful garden. Attentive staff complemented by delicious food and the prices are very modest.

Tel: 809-586 7065

Lax Ojo

After-hours, lunch, breakfast, dinner, outdoor seating, Reservations.

LAX is the kind of place you like to visit on your trip. Located in the center of the famous surfing town Cabarete.

Tel: 849-915-4842

Le Papillon

This natural, airy restaurant in the midst of royal palms offers clients a unique atmosphere with a rustic nautical design.

Le petit francois

Come and enjoy our fried fish on the beach and share unforgettable moments with friends.

Tel: 829-492-2910

The charros and pinches chaparros

Restaurant that focuses on Mexican cuisine in the city of Puerto Plata. Breakfast, Dinner, Late Night, Lunch, Reservations, to go.

Tel: 809-970-3332

Los Tres Cocos

Gourmet food

A cozy place, attention first as the food, excellent. First class meat, good wine, intimate atmosphere.

Lucia Restaurant

Lucia Restaurant is an exquisite place to have dinner, situated at Casa Colonial Hotel Boutique Beach & Spa in Playa Dorada Puerto Plata.

It has a Mediterranean cuisine with a Caribbean touch, and a wonderful view to the garden. Enjoy a creative and flavorful array gourmet -Caribbean fusion cuisine at this award-winning dining restaurant that combines as a breathtaking complement to any meal, a viewing wall to wall overlooking the exotic mangrove adjacent to the resort. The restaurant´s wine collection offers the best wines from around the world, from light and sparkling whites to rich Bordeaux, Italian Chiantis, among others.

For more information, Ph 1-(809)-320-3232 | Toll-Free 1-866-376-7831

Margo's Beach Bar

Small bar located on the boardwalk, where you can enjoy the sea view while sharing with friends, family or colleagues.


Is an interesting restaurant in Cabarete which mixes eclectic art gallery, concert hall live jazz, a sushi bar and a Moroccan restaurant all in one place. Dinner reservations.

Tel: 809 853 6848

Morua Mai

Restaurant with the taste of the Caribbean region and very colorful with fresh food, is a place where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Tel: 809-571-3682

Maimon Stop

For the lovers of the seafood, you most visit Maimón, it's at 13 kilometer from the city of Puerto Plata, a place that have it fame because of the sell of seafood in the Northen Coast. Here you will enjoy of some restaurants with fresh products and a very good price.

Pizzeria El crucero Bar Café

Pizzas with an exquisite flavor. National and international beverages. Every type of coffee and ice cream. Delivery service.

Tel: (809) 586-4433

Placita Criolla Restaurant

Cozy, small and quiet place where you can share with friends and family.

Tel: +1 8092615456

Polanco Restaurant

He is known for its seafood specialties and Creole dishes located in the center of Puerto Plata with outdoor areas.

Wi-Fi available for free.

Tel: 809-586-9174


It is a small place on the beach which is a place where you can enjoy his style. Receding and arugula salad, tomato and mozzarella, we also have pizzas and pastas, pizza is gourmet and have more than 20 varieties.

Tel: 809-571 0085


A near Long Beach in Puerto Plata where you can try a New York style pizza or you can dine at their Italian restaurant instead.

Tel: 809-586-2858/ 809-261-3833

Rancho El Mocanito

Good Dominican food as well as international. Variety of Creole dishes, pastas, burgers and salads.

Tel: +1 809 261 7458

Restaurant Green Jack


Schedule BAR
10:00A.M. – 12.00P.M. (Sunday to thursday)
10:00A.M. – 02.00A.M.  (Friday to saturday)

12:00P.M. – 11.00P.M. (Sunday to thursday)
12:00P.M. – 12.00A.M. (friday to saturday)

Tel: 809-320-3800

Stefy e Natale Pizzeria Restaurant

Italian cuisine in a positive and friendly atmosphere with a variety of pizzas and wines as well as fish dishes.

Tel: (809) 970-7764

Restaurante Serenade – Bar & Lounge

Like a suitor singing a love song meant to woo his sweetheart, our on-site restaurant Serenade aims to win your heart with flavors that are guaranteed to tempt your taste buds. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Chef Luciano Merlino has created a menu that combines his 35 years of experience in Italy with fresh, local ingredients to present a cuisine that is truly unique. And don’t forget that any time you are in the mood for a drink (which could be anytime, because, hey you are on vacation!) we invite you to enjoy the festive atmosphere at our bar while sipping on a signature rum cocktail served up by one of our mixologists.

Sam's Bar & Grill

It offers a unique tropical dinner while the bar offers a fun time with friends by giving them their favorite drink in what they share.

Tel: +1 809-586-7267

San Jorge Pizza

A pizzeria with a family atmosphere to enjoy a pizza with all vegetables, ham, pepperone & cheese or the ingredient that you prefer.

Tel: 1 809-586-6491

Schnitzel Paradise

Is an Austrian restaurant that welcomes people who visit them have dishes such as pastas, salads and sandwiches and Schnitchel fans can choose from 7 different.


Typical Italian cuisine and Neapolitan pizza, Sebastian is a place to share with friends the good atmosphere style lounge.

Tel: 809-320-8819

Sharky's Food & Drinks

Californian Restaurant Bar open and cool environment. Food is fresh and without preservatives, type of dress is casual.

Sole Mio

Italian pizzeria in which you can share with friends and family in a nice friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Tel: +1 809-970-3747

Tam Tam Restaurant

It is a restaurant with room for everyone, discreet music, a terrace, second floor with sea view and privacy.

Tel: (809)-970-0903


The Green Spot

A place where you can eat breakfast, lunch and a healthy dinner in a quiet environment.

Tío Pan

They have a wide variety where you can choose to have breakfast, lunch or even dinner, it is where you can enjoy a family atmosphere and with friends.


Nice outdoor area where you can enjoy its specialties in Mexican food, burgers, sushi, etc.

Village Cafe

A quiet place to hang out with friends and family where you can enjoy a glass of wine and eat in good atmosphere.

Tel: +1 809-261-9783

Weng Yeng

Chinese restaurant in Puerto Plata. It has different types of chow fan for you.

Tel: 809 586 9022

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