The town of Sosúa, located in the northern coast between the city of Puerto Plata and the villa of Cabarete, was founded by order of the Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in the year 1938 to welcome 500 jewish refugees from the second world war. The Jews community has made an important contribution to the economic growth of Sosúa, introduced a dairy and beef industry which is still an important economic engine in the area.

With one of the most beautiful beaches not only of the Dominican Republic but also of the Caribbean, Sosúa has become or become one of the major tourist resorts on the north coast of Dominican Republic.

Sosúa is a municipality dream that showed his natural affection and incomparable hospitality with the arrival of Jewish settlement on its shores, their lands, their color and nature.

Every year the Multicultural Gastronomic Festival is celebrated, the one that comes from the Municipal Heritage Community Unit, this make a vision to highlight the cultural diversity that exist in this municipe.

Point of interés in sosua:

Playa Sosúa (Sosúa Beach) – Considered as one of the best beaches in Puerto Plata, with White sand, turquise water and the area is surrounded by tres. Is protected with a coral barrier, that make it a n unforgettable option to practice snorkeling.

The Road of the Artists – This road is located down of sosúa beach, It is a journey to enjoy of the native plastic artists of the zone.

• Mirador no exit street - many years ago the sea retreated, giving way to a beach of great beauty, is known as Alicia beach and overlooking the ocean. It is one of the most important points of interest.

• Jewish-Museum - This museum is located right next to the synagogue, has a lush photographic exhibition documenting the history of this colony arrival in Sosúa in 1940.

• Sosúa Art House – A place of cultural interest, which has the following areas: museum, exhibition hall and modules to teach music, dance and painting.

• The Choco National Park - this natural monument is known for its caves with complex water systems and underground pools of gigantic proportions, is a place exceptional was once home to the natives who inhabited the island.

• Monkey Jungle- is a natural paradise that covers more than 800,000 square meters of mountains with more than 100 animals. With a zip line from the top of a mountain where you can see the entire valley.

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