Luperón (The Origins of las Americas)


Is a town of big historical importance for the new World, it’s located in the shore of the atlantic ocean, in an imponent bay that sheltered the admiral Christopher Colombus from the tipic storms of the zone, he called it “Puerto de gracias o gracia), for been the place where he found refugee to save his fleet.


The Luperón bay is tradicionaly considered as a important point for worldwide sailing and in the routes for sailing of the atlantic for the unique physiographic caracteristic that certify the efective protection on the meteorologic events, that are considered as the most secure natural shelter for those that travel around the World.


In Luperón is located La Isabela or Villa Isabela, the first city founded in the new World (America) by the spanishs, in 1494. It name makes honor to the Queen of Spain. Christopher Columbus chose the emplacement in situation of the christmast fort, in the north coast o the Hispaniola (actual Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata province), and design a goverment council to govern it, in wich were part Antonio de Torres and Bernardo Boyl. The city was a mixture of port, shipyard , office and warehouse, through which all traffic between the island and Spain was funneled.


Nowdays the Historical Nacional Park count with an archaeologist area where the ruins of the foundation of the first villages are, same as a museum where taino pieces, Spanish pieces and findings from excavations in the area are exposed.

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