This land has given birth to great Dominicans, including Emilio Prud'Homme, who was the author and composer of the dominican national anthem lyrics.

It is considered one of the major contributors of the Dominican national identity and contributor to the patriotic and moral values ​​of the Dominican Republic. The outstanding musicians and composers Juan Lockward the unforgettable singer and composer, who has musically painted our country with his verses and melodies. Born in Puerto Plata the bride of the atlantic on 24 June 1915, from the union formed by Doña Beatriz Stamers and Don Alejandro Lockward, the well remembered Dandá and Rafael Solano born on April 10, 1931 in Puerto Plata, is a pianist, composer, writer, and former Dominican ambassador to the UNESCO. Author of more than a hundred compositions of different genres spanning the romantic cut, folk, as well as choral and religious, as well as merengue, of course.

Well as prominent artists, Jaime Colson (1901 - November 20, 1975) was a modernist painter of the Dominican Republic. He, along with Yoryi Morel and Dario Suro, is considered one of the founders of the modernist school of Dominican painting. Jorge Severino a Great Dominican painter was born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Severino is a painter of contrasts. On the one hand we find a precise drawing funds against clean colors, Nubians, and on the other the image of a black woman carefully studied, always hiding something and that seduces the eye for adventure involving its mysteries.

Camilo Carrau filmmaker, playwright and artist born in Puerto Plata on May 5th of 1937. Formed in the school of Professor Rafael Arzeno. Along with Franklin Dominguez made the first national film experience, La Silla, still one of the most important films produced in the country, and the famous baritone Eduardo Brito (January 21, 1906 - January 5, 1946) was a baritone singer of Dominican opera and zarzuela. It is considered the national singer of the Dominican Republic. He was born on January 21st of 1906 at the white section in Luperón, Puerto Plata. On November 3rd, 1929, at the age of 24, he married the singer Rosa Elena Bobadilla. That marriage produced two children.

Within the dominican culture include merengue and bachata, pounding rhythms that invade the country life. Its popularity dates back to the nineteenth century. Juan Luis Guerra, Sergio Vargas and Ramón Orlando are some of the most famous internationally renowned dominican musicians.

Puerto Plata have been historical “Cantera” for the development of the music and the dominican art, highlighting the aspect of a series of characters like Vicente Grisolía Poloney, Julio Arzeno, Florentino Pierret,Dr. Luis E. Senior, Manuel Plá Coco, Jaime Molina, Teté Marcial, Carlito Estrada, Huascar Banks, among others.

As representative of the arts, plastic artists are also highlighted like Raffy Vásquez y Adolfo Faringhton

In the musical área we can quote the path of:

Wilfrido Vargas

Wilfrido Vargas Radhames Martinez (Altamira , Puerto Plata, April 24, 1949 ) is a Dominican singer, bandleader, trumpeter and one of the musicians to whom should the internationalization of merengue music genre. Vargas has served mainly as a trumpeter and vocalist, but also directed his orchestra, and is also producer of it. It is also known as responsible for the organization and production of successful gender groups such as Las Chicas del Can and Altamira Banda Show. Wilfrido Vargas is one of the artists of merengue best known in Latin America with hit songs such as " El Africano " (written by Calixto Ochoa ), " Abusadora " "El Comején ", " El Baile del Mono ", " El Baile del Perrito ", among many others. Vargas has won several international awards, as well as in his country Dominican Republic.

Vinicio Franco

Better known as Vinicio "Mambo " Franco. (Born September 14, 1933 in Puerto Plata). His first recording was made ​​in 1957 with the orchestra of Antonio Morel for the " Guarachita " label of Radhames Aracena : "

Apágame la vela " a very publicized merengue written by Bienvenido Brens and "Oye Nena " by Alexis Camilo Morel . The two issues are well received by the public, especially " Apágame la vela " that in so many years after that first version was recorded by several bands of the continent. He has performed in Venezuela, Curacao, Colombia, Argentina, New York, Miami and several cities of the North American Union with a repertoire that exceeds 450 songs and with a career spanning more than 60 years.

Juan Llibre

He was born in Sosúa, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, Llibre manages to stand out as a dramatic actor, radio host, television presenter, show producer, among others, the stage height of his career was spent in Puerto Rico, being a leading figure, historical in television and film culture of Borinquen.

In Puerto Rico is an artist That stay, still in this times, in the mind of every Puerto Rican, Because every December 31 at 12:00 am you can hear in the radio station of That nation, the unmistakable voice of our Juan Llibre With His declaimed "El Brindis del Bohemio"

He recorded seven albums of poetry recitations and interleaves several songs Fernandito Vegabajeño Alvarez and his Trio, which was so successful that Los Panchos imitate this style. He also participated in movies and soap operas, with commercial broadcaster "La Taberna India" on Telemundo. From his area he fought against the tyranny of "El Jefe" and came to the country for 1962 and created the first ad, the dominican advertising company Llibre and Linares, which was majority shareholder, acquiring the most important companies of the time.

Juan Llibre in an icon to the dominican and latinamerican culture, that we cannot forget and deserve recognition in each one of the dominicans, like a lot of figures of our country.

Rafaelito Román

Rafaelito Roman quote his own name among this generation of relief that followed the typical great musicians like Nico Lora , Guandulito or Chichito Villa.

Considered one of the great exponents of rhythm, Román, a native of Puerto Plata, inherited his father's talent, Monguito Román, also accordionist. An advocate of traditional rhythm is considered against the changes in the typical merengue in the Cibao. This is how their parties are animated by the traditional repertoire and not by other genres compositions.. As recorded his study of typical Dominican merengue, Rafaelito Roman is of the few musicians who dominate all instruments with this rhythm plays. He was only 15 when he began his musical career up to more than 40 years.

Agapito Pascual

Agapito Pascual was born in the Balsa of La Isabela, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, June 24, 1962. Coming from a very humble family, Agapito was very hardworking since childhood, doing work in agriculture and shoeshine from the young age of 7 years. He started in music at 7 years of age, being drummer, the community  admired him because having such a young age he was playing like a pro. He played baseball, getting to play as an amateur and Double AA, in a tournament that was held in the Central Cibao region of the Dominican Republic. In a moment of decision he had to choose between the ball and music, and of course that he decided the music. What happened was amazing being still drummer in 1978-1979 started with an extraordinary force and was sought out to play with the best typical sets of the country, such as Francisco Ulloa, Rafelito Román, Bartolo Alvarado and other renowned groups. Later he began to practice with an accordion. Just she played a few songs when he decided to form his own typical set, and in 1987 his music was what was heard throughout his native Dominican Republic.

Francisco Ulloa

Accordion Master Francisco Ulloa was born in a village near Quita Sueño de Altamira, in the province of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. In this isolated place, with only four houses in the same valley, his father played the accordion for entertainment, the first time that Francisco played the accordion falls for him. During the 70s he released several singles, including local hits like " La Tijera " . Most of these songs offered romantic feelings, but a small number , such as " La Situación" , argued against the plight of their fellow Dominicans. Undoubtedly, the pace of two quarters and nice interpretation are designed for dancers, with the help of the drums, bass, guaya / güira, saxophone, flute and Yovanni Antonio and his faithful musical companions.

Jacinto Beard

Jacinto Manuel Beard Gómez is a respected artist from Puerto Plata. His studies were conducted at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, where he earned the title of Master of Arts and Advertising, also he attended the National School of Visual Arts. Among the artistic skills that manages the theater, dance and poetry, while having won renown for his work in visual arts, specifically painting, illustration, graphic design portrait and counted.

Jacinto Beard is the first prominent figure appointed as ambassador of the Elliott Foundation and is the leading creator of carnivalesque Taimáscaro identity, which identifies the carnival of Puerto Plata.


Al Horford

Alfred Joel Horford Reynoso (Puerto Plata, República Dominicana; 3 de junio de 1986), más conocido como Al Horford, es un baloncestista dominicano que actualmente pertenece a los Atlanta Hawks de la NBA. Es hijo de Tito Horford, un exjugador de baloncesto y de la periodista Arelis Reinoso. Horford se convirtió en el sexto jugador dominicano en jugar en la NBA y el primer dominicano en participar en un All-Star Game de la NBA y en ser elegido en un Mejor Quinteto de la NBA, concretamente en el tercero. Con 2,08 metros (6 pies y 10 pulgadas) de estatura, juega en las posiciones de ala-pivot y pívot. También juega para la Selección nacional de baloncesto de la República Dominicana en las competiciones internacionales.

Alfred Joel Horford Reynoso (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, June 3, 1986), better known as Al Horford, a Dominican basketball player currently belongs to the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA. He is the son of Tito Horford a basketball former player and journalist Arelis Reinoso. Horford became the sixth Dominican player to play in the NBA and the first Dominican to participate in an All- Star Game of the NBA and to be elected in an All-NBA Team, specifically in the third. With 2.08 meters (6 feet 10 inches) tall, plays in the positions of power forward and power forward. Also plays for the national Dominican Republic national basketball team in international competitions.

Bartolo Colón

Bartolo Coló (born May 24 of 1973 in Altamira) is a Dominican pitcher for the big leagues currently plays for the New York Mets. Won the Cy Young award with the Angels of Los Angeles from Anaheim in 2005.

The Larimar considered as the national gem is a rare variety of pectolite or semiprecious rock, found only in Dominican Republic. Its color varies in a range containing white, light blue, blue-green and deep blue. This larimar mine is located about 10 kilometers from the city of Barahona in the southwest region of the Dominican Republic.

Larimar jewelry is available in Dominican Republic and elsewhere in the caribbean. Most are created with silver although some are made with gold too.

The quality depends on the color. White is low quality, volcanic blue is of high quality. High quality jewelry using gemstones that give color between blue sky and blue volcanic. The greenish color does not have good reception which is not sold, unless in the case of a very deep green. Larimar possess some rocks red strokes, indicating the presence of iron.

The Amber is a semiprecious stone composed of fossilized tree resin mainly from remains of conifers and a few angiosperms. Etymologically the name comes from the arabic meaning that floats in the sea, as it floats on the sea water, although originally referred to gray amber. It is usually light brown, although there are greenish yellow varieties. This destination is one of the few ways in which you can still buy amber and larimar, also known as the dominican turquoise. Renowned as the gem of the centuries lie in ancient fossils where nature exhibits evidence of the tertiary age. Light bodies have the peculiarity to attract positive electricity, and this mineral is no different.

The Grayumbo is a not very thick tree trunk, height of about twenty meters; evergreen, thick and large, that its underside often have a beautiful silvery leaves. The wood is soft and short-lived, which is used to manufacture the Cuatro, a Venezuelan, Puerto Rican and other countries instrument that have ropes, they use the sticks to make phosphorus. It is the favorite food of the sloth. He lives in the Caribbean, Central America, Venezuela and other countries in the american tropics.

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